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TTA 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting

TTA 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting

Wednesday, December 2, 2020 at 1:00 PM (EST) to Friday, December 4, 2020 at 11:00 AM (EST)

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Register to attend the TTA 2020 Annual Meeting, which will take place virtually, due to the impacts of Covid-19.

An informative and valuable program has been compiled. There will be no fee charged to "attend" this virtual event.  Current members and prospective members are encouraged to attend the virtual sessions and to invite additional representatives at your companies to participate.

Sponsorship Opportunities for the Virtual Meeting

We are excited to announce special sponsorship opportunities available for the 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting. Sponsor logos will be displayed on the TTA website, and sponsors will be given an opportunity to deliver a 5-minute presentation to attendees during the opening session, on December 3.

Bob Allen
Bob Allen Mr Star Technology, Inc.
David Anderson
David Anderson Mr. Big Honorary Member
David Anderson
David Anderson Mr. Big Retired Precision Inc
Joe Ashley
Joe Ashley Mr. SNC Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Bjorn Bahr
Bjorn Bahr Sales Director Georg North America Inc.
Hollace Barden
Hollace Barden Business Development Lodestone Pacific
Rich Barden
Rich Barden President Lodestone Pacific
Richard Barden
Richard Barden Micrometals Inc.
Gary Bates
Gary Bates Mr. Vishay HiRel Systems LLC
Bruce Biggs
Bruce Biggs Thomas & Skinner Inc.
Glen Collins
Glen Collins Mr. TSC Ferrite International Co.
Scott Crawford
Scott Crawford Rubadue Wire Co.
Matt Davis
Matt Davis President Nova Magnetics Inc.
Dan Diegnan
Dan Diegnan Vice President of Category Management EIS, Inc.
Rod Duhaime
Rod Duhaime Director Of Engineering Roman Manufacturing
Doug Eaton
Doug Eaton Triad Magnetics
Randy Eller
Randy Eller Mr. Triad Magnetics
Clayton Elliott
Clayton Elliott Design Engineering Manager New England Wire Technologies Corp.
Cliff Evans
Cliff Evans President and CEO Badger Magnetics, Inc.
Bob Fyrer
Bob Fyrer Business Development Manager DuPont
Jean Garneau
Jean Garneau Mr Essex Furukawa
Alex Gianaras
Alex Gianaras Mr. Transformer Manufacturers, Inc.
Debbie Goodbeau
Debbie Goodbeau Triad Magnetics
Tim Goodrich
Tim Goodrich Exxelia USA Inc.
Philip Gordon
Philip Gordon Mr Essex Brownell
Blaine Gray
Blaine Gray Vice President Electronic Craftsmen
Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta Mr. Dongan Electric Mfg. Co.
Gary Hicks
Gary Hicks Mr. Dongan Electric Mfg. Co.
Steven E. Hicks
Steven E. Hicks Mr. Dongan Electric Mfg. Co.
John Hindle IV
John Hindle IV VP of Operations Hitran Corporation
Kurt Hofman
Kurt Hofman Mr Roman Manufacturing
John Horner
John Horner Mr. Micrometals Inc.
Mike Husman
Mike Husman Mr Vishay
Jakob Jakobsson
Jakob Jakobsson Mr. Amgis LLC
Rachel James
Rachel James Client Services Associate Thomas Associates, Inc.
Kyle Jensen
Kyle Jensen Director of Sales & Marketing Rubadue Wire Co.
Kelly MacKay
Kelly MacKay Director of Sales New England Wire Technologies Corp.
John Meeks
John Meeks Mr. Standex Electronics
Scott Mundfrom
Scott Mundfrom Mr Rubadue Wire Co.
Paul B. Oberbeck
Paul B. Oberbeck President National Magnetics Group
Ganesh Pandurangan
Ganesh Pandurangan Standex Electronics
Stephen Paul
Stephen Paul CEO Grand Power Systems
Eric Persinger
Eric Persinger Reginal Sales Manager - Central US Elantas PDG, Inc.
Jordan Plascencia
Jordan Plascencia Triad Magnetics
Robert Prescott
Robert Prescott Mr. M. C. Davis Company, LLC
Victor Quinn
Victor Quinn Exxelia USA Inc.
Bill Reichel
Bill Reichel Mr. TSC Ferrite International Co.
Lazaro Rodriguez
Lazaro Rodriguez Mr. Triad Magnetics
Dana Roschnafsky
Dana Roschnafsky Business Line Manager - EL Elantas PDG, Inc.
Lyle Shaw
Lyle Shaw Honorary Member
Mitchell R. Steffen
Mitchell R. Steffen Technical Sales & Marketing Manager Rea Magnet Wire Company, Inc.
James Tabbi
James Tabbi Mr. Exxelia USA Inc.
Bruce Thackwray
Bruce Thackwray President Lenco Electronics Inc.
Ralph Tropeano
Ralph Tropeano Mr. Windsor Stevens
Stephen Tuckwell
Stephen Tuckwell VP & EL & WE Business Line Manager ELANTAS PDG, Inc.
John Vette
John Vette CHAIRMAN, CEO SNC Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Brian Wells
Brian Wells Mr. Cortec Enterprises
Ed West
Ed West President Badger Magnetics, Inc.
Chuck Wild
Chuck Wild Business Manager - Specialized Electronic Products Dexter Magnetic Technologies
Rick Winter
Rick Winter Mr SNC Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Amanda Yaworsky
Amanda Yaworsky Sales & Marketing Coordinator The Eraser Company, Inc.
19 Other Registered Attendees


Wednesday, December 2

   1:00pm - 2:30pm ET - Board of Directors Meeting (Board members only)

Thursday, December 3

   1:00pm - 1:15pm ET - Welcome/Introduction/Sponsorship Updates

   1:15pm - 2:15pm ET - Ray Ridley, Ridley Engineering, Circuit Modeling of Advanced High-Frequency Magnetics Losses

   2:30pm - 3:30pm ET - Brian Zahnstecher, PowerRox, 5G is Changing the Network in More Ways Than One May Realize

Friday, December 4

   9:00am - 9:30am ET - General Membership Meeting / Materials Updates 

   9:30am - 11:00am ET - Alex Chausovsky, ITR Economics, Economic Update


Ridley Engineering | - Dr. Ridley

Ray Ridley, Ridley Engineering

Dr. Ray Ridley has been designing and researching power supplies for over 35 years. He is the industry’s leading teacher of working engineers with his power supply design workshops and educational seminars worldwide. All of his work is grounded in theory and practice, and aimed at helping design engineers improve their understanding of power supplies. He is very active in teaching, researching, and publishing power supply design books and articles. He is president of Ridley Engineering, Inc.

Brian Zahnstecher, PowerRox

Brian Zahnstecher is a Sr. Member of the IEEE, Chair of the IEEE SF Bay Area Power Electronics Society (PELS), and the Principal of PowerRox, where he focuses on power design, integration, system applications, OEM market penetration, and private seminars for power electronics.  He has successfully handled assignments in system design/architecting, AC/DC front-end power, EMC/EMI design/debug, embedded solutions, processor power, and digital power solutions for a variety of clients.  He previously held positions in power electronics with industry leaders Emerson Network Power, Cisco, and Hewlett-Packard, where he advised on best practices, oversaw product development, managed international teams, created/enhanced optimal workflows and test procedures, and designed and optimized voltage regulators.  He has been a regular contributor to the industry as an invited speaker, author, workshop participant, session host, roundtable moderator, and volunteer.  He has over 13 years of industry experience and holds Master of Engineering and Bachelor of Science degrees from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Alex Chausovsky

Alex Chausovsky, ITR Economics

Alex Chausovsky is an accomplished Speaker and the Senior Business Advisor at ITR Economics.  He is a highly experienced market researcher and analyst with more than a decade of expertise in subjects that include macroeconomics, industrial manufacturing, automation, and advanced technology trends.

He has consulted and advised companies throughout the U.S., Europe, Brazil, China and Japan for the last fifteen years and has been featured on NPR, the BBC, and in the Wall Street Journal.

His extensive consulting expertise is greatly valued by management teams of companies both large and small. ITR Economics’ clients    rely on his input when developing strategic plans for the future, as he helps them plan for risk conditions and find areas of opportunity.