About Us


The purpose of The Transformer Association is to enhance the success of its member organizations through networking, education, and technical programming.

About TTA  

The Transformer Association is a manufacturing trade association whose corporate members include transformer and power supply manufacturers, their suppliers, safety agencies and consultants. Its focus is to strengthen the transformer industry in North America. Association meetings, surveys and strategic alliances are designed to provide information about management, compliance and technical trends relevant to the industry.

Membership in The Transformer Association is corporate. All employees of Association member companies receive the benefits of membership. Member companies may include any employees of the company in the database to receive TTA communications. One individual is designated as the Official Representative to TTA. When a vote of the membership is required, the Official Representative is contacted to vote on behalf of the member company. A billing contact is also assigned to receive and pay company invoices.

There are five membership types within TTA. They are:

  • (M) Manufacturer – transformer or power supply
  • (I) Industry Supplier
  • (IMA) IMA Group Member (International Magnetics Association)
  • (E) Educator
  • (SA) Safety Agency

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TTA Antitrust Policy

It is the policy of The Transformer Association to comply with anti-trust laws. Under those laws,
competitors cannot make agreements or even have informal understandings among themselves
that restrain competition on the price, output, quality or distribution of their products.

Click here for the full TTA antitrust policy (PDF)