TTA Diamond Engineer Program

In March 2023, the TTA launched a new continuing education program, the TTA Diamond Engineer Program. The program's goal is to recognize and award those individuals committed to furthering their knowledge and education in the transformer field. Becoming a TTA Diamond Engineer is a great way to distinguish yourself from your professional colleagues and demonstrate your dedication to the transformer industry.

Earn Your Diamonds  

Attend industry education sessions to earn credit hours and work your way up to becoming a 5-Diamond TTA Engineer! Individuals may only earn one Diamond status per year, but they can carry over five CE credits to the subsequent year.

CE Credits
10 1 Diamond
20 2 Diamond
30 3 Diamond
40 4 Diamond
50 5 Diamond

How To Earn Continuing Education (CE) Credit

Individuals can earn continuing education credits by attending technical sessions at TTA meetings and by attending other educational industry events. Educational programs and activities submitted for CE credit should be in subjects in the field of transformers design topics. Examples include TTA Technical Sessions, APEC Magnetics Industry Sessions, Ray Ridley Seminars, PSMA High Frequency/Magnetics Seminar, educational sessions can be in-person or virtual.

*One credit can be earned for attending the TTA Spring and/or Fall Meetings

Calculating CE Credits

One CE credit is granted for every 30 minutes of qualifying content. Content sessions under 30 minutes will not qualify for credit. Content sessions that are less than 60 minutes but more than 30 minutes will be rounded down to one CE credit. Attendance record-keeping is the responsibility of each individual.


20-minute session = 0 credit

30-minute session = 1 credit

45-minute session = 1 credit

60-minute session = 2 credits

90-minute session = 3 credits

Attendance Verification

After attending an in-person or virtual event, individuals must complete an Attendance Verification Form and submit it to All Attendance Verification Forms must be submitted within 30 days of the event. CE credits will not be awarded if submitted after the deadline.

Click here to download the Attendance Verification Form

You've Earned Diamond Status, Now What?

Once an individual obtains a Diamond status, they will be awarded a certificate and recognized during the next TTA Spring Meeting. The accomplishment will also be recognized on the TTA website and social media accounts.

Individuals are also encouraged to share this outstanding achievement with their networks via social media, company blogs, email signatures, etc.


To maintain your Diamond status, each individual is required to obtain ten continuing education credits each year.