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Signal Transformer Co.

500 Bayview Ave
Inwood, NY 11096
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Mitchell Rhine Mr.
Alvaro Herrerra Mr.
Anna Randak
TTA Logo Manufacturer

Areas of Expertise 3 Phase Transformers, 50/60 Hz PC Mount Transformers and Chokes, Battery Charger Power Supplies and Transformers, Computer and Medical Grade Isolation Transformers, Defense/Aerospace Transformers and Coils, Equipment/Apparatus Transformers /Reactors, Ext Mounted Btry Chrgr Power Supplies/Transformers, Ferroresonant/Electronic Regulating Transformers, Industrial and OEM Current Transformers, Low Voltage Control and Signal Transformers, Machine Tool/Industrial Control Transformers, Microwave Oven Transformers, Oil/Gas Heating Ignition Transformers, Small Power Pulse and Datacom Transformers, Specialty Lighting Transformers and/or Ballasts, Surface Mount Inductors and Transformers, Switchmode and Converter Magnetics, Telephone Transformers and Coils (except data), Toroids, Utility Instrument and Signalling Transformers & Wall Outlet and Desktop Transformers