What is TTA?

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The Transformer Association (TTA) was formed as the International Power Conversion Products Council on February 21, 1974.


"On Thursday, February 20, [industry leaders] met to discuss the feasibility and practicability of establishing an association, group or council to handle problems commons to all industry manufacturers. H.E. Sulger, Jr. chaired the meeting."

These auspicious words were the foundation of what would eventually become The Transformer Association. On that winter day, a handful of manufacturers discussed issues that remain relevant today: quality standards, industry standards, UL/CSA Safety Standards, statistics, public advertising campaigns, and more. 

By 1979, the group had altered its name to the Power Conversion Products Council, International (PCPCI) and then in 1997, the Board of Directors voted to expand membership and rebrand as PCPCI-The Transformer Association. Before long, PCPCI was dropped from the name and The Transformer Association took shape. In 2008-2009, the International Magnetics Association had been incorporated in TTA as the IMA Working Group.

And today we proudly work with 34 manufacturing members, 41 supplier members, and 14 IMA Working Group members. 

The state of our association is strong - and that is a testament to our members. 

What We Do Today

  1. Knowledge: Speaker presentations provide insights to help your business thrive, from cybersecurity to marketing, leadership to training and development.
  2. Network: Who you know matters, so use TTA to connect to suppliers, manufacturers, colleagues, friends, and more. The association is big enough to provide a diverse array of contacts but small enough to develop strong relationships. 
  3. Statistics: TTA maintains confidential statistics for members who participate in the program. These include monthly, quarterly, and annual reports providing market insight on shipments, volumes, and general business conditions. 
  4. Professional Benefits: TTA members have access to the National Association of Manufacturers weekly insights and monthly newsletters. Members also get updates from Institute Trends Research (ITR) and their quarterly economic reports and business conditions information.

Twice a Year Meetings

  • Spring Meeting - taking place at the end of April, the Spring meeting typically alternates between Chicago and "easy to get to" locations such as Dallas/Fort Worth, Nashville, or St. Louis. These meetings usually begin with board meetings on a Tuesday, an optional activity on Tuesday evening, a full day of speaker presentations on Wednesday, a group reception and dinner on Wednesday evening and a morning meeting with speaker presentations on Thursday. 
  • Fall Meeting - taking place the week after Thanksgiving, the Fall meeting typically takes place at a warm(er) weather location such as Savannah, St. Petersburg, Scottsdale, or San Diego. These meetings begin with board meetings on a Wednesday, an optional activity on Wednesday evening, a full day of speaker presentations on Thursday, a reception and group dinner on Thursday, and a morning meeting with speaker presentations (usually Alex from the Institute of Trends Research) on Friday.  


Definitions in the TTA 

TTA members often hear terms thrown around and wonder what that means. Here are some popular terms, but let us know if you hear others and want to know. 

IMA - International Magnetics Association

Formed as the Magnetic Materials Producers Association (MMPA) in 1959, this group focuses on magnetic materials. Incorporated as a membership category in TTA in the mid-2000s, the IMA Working Group elects a representative to the TTA Board of Directors. Meetings usually occur on the first day of the TTA meeting, with some meetings or technical discussions occurring at the APEC show. 

TTA - The Transformer Association

PSMA - Power Sources Manufacturers Association

Another association, TTA, and PSMA maintain a relationship where staff or a representative from one group may attend the other group's annual meeting. 

UL - Underwriters Laboratory

CSA - Canadian Standards Association